The History Of The House Of Patan

The History Of The House Of Patan


Welcome to The House Of Patan Blog.

Today is the launch of my Home and Lifestyle brand The House Of Patan!

We are super excited for you to browse through all our amazing products and we have worked hard to create and curate some awesome unique items for you.

I fell in love with interior design during the process of renovating our family home.  When we finished renovating the house our home had a minimalist feel with greys, whites and plywood architecturally placed on to the walls. Despite this contemporary Scandinavian direction we started to crave colour.

It was really difficult to find cool pieces with bold graphic prints and bright colours and our buys were scattered .I decided to start my own business to give people a one stop shop to find colourful unique pieces all in one place.

Whether its our Occasional Chairs, Pillows, Stainless Steal Flasks or a Face Mask, everything we create has flare and colour. 

I hope you enjoy what you see and I hope you can add the colour and excitement you might be craving  in your home by browsing through our collections.

Be bold and unapologetic in your home

The House Of Patan.